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the best Thermal and Acoustic Performance, K-13 sets the standard for Sprayed Cellulose Insulation

Introducing the K-13 Spray-on-System, a revolutionary spray-applied cellulose product that brings a multitude of benefits to your space. Whether it's providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation or enhancing the aesthetics with its natural textured finish and various colour options, K-13 is a game-changer.

K-13 Features

1) Reduce Indoor Noise Pollution

Take control over the sound quality of your space

2) Thermal Resistance of R-3.75 per Inch

Never feel cold again with the monolithic thermal coating, install up to 10" thick for high R-37.5 system for exceptional thermal performance

3) Superb Finish for Any Space

Seek perfection. With K-13 you don't have to choose between aesthetics and performance

4) UL Rated to be installed over Spray Fireproofing

Listed in 6 UL BXUV Guide Design Assemblies

One of the standout features of K-13 is its eco-friendliness. Made from renewable ingredients and boasting an impressive 80% pre-consumer recycled content, it serves as a green alternative to traditional insulation products. By choosing K-13, you not only improve your space but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Available in seven carefully selected standard colours with an option to create completely custom colour, K-13 gives architects and designers freedom to set the mood of a space. Generally used on an exposed ceiling, K-13 can be made to blend in and go almost unnoticed or it can be the star of the show.

Endless possibilities for even most demanding designs!

In terms of performance, K-13 does not disappoint. It has a thermal resistance rating of R-3.75 per inch, ensuring efficient temperature regulation and energy savings. Moreover, its superior acoustical performance, as measured per ASTM C 423, significantly enhances the sound quality within the space, providing a comfortable and peaceful environment.

If you require even more insulation power, the K-13 High-R System comes to the rescue. By applying K-13 at a thickness of up to 10 inches with mechanical support, you can achieve an impressive R-37.5 rating, making it ideal for projects that demand top-tier insulation.

As certified installers, Furoy's Insulation, is more than prepared to assist you in incorporating K-13 into your next venture. Whether it's a commercial or residential project, we are eager to get the conversation started and help you unlock the full potential of K-13.

Don't hesitate to contact us, and together, let's create a space that's energy-efficient, acoustically pleasant, and visually stunning.

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